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Listen to half hour segments of paranormal thoughts and investigations as well as sharings by others who share their experiences and spiritual journeys as we investigate the various phenomena in religion, with discussions and interviews with those in the field. Learn more about the spirit world, Spiritualism, psychic phenomena, Out Of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences,  mystics, materialization, spirit and other thought provoking issues.

Discussion of topics in a material/spiritual nature will be presented. Discussions will include but not be limited to religion, religious beliefs, near death experiences, mediums, psychics, healing, and other thought provoking topics including where we go when we die and how our material existence affects that experience.

If you have lost a loved one, listen to our programs under thoughts and sharing and learn how others contact those who have passed away. Listen to the speakers who have found a way to incorporate a spiritual learning into their material world with both jobs and family. Learn how spiritual, absent and laying-on-of-hands healing works and how you too can become a proficient healer.

You can use the contact form to e-mail Rev. John Sullivan to voice your opinions or have additional topics discussed and Interviews will be held with many interesting guests. Join us and share the experience.

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