John Sullivan's early experiences began in 1970 when he purchased a home from an estate of an occupant who had committed suicide. Shortly after moving into the home, he began to renovate the home and the spirit noises began.

At first there was this pacing on the second floor, but there was no one living on that floor, in human form at least. Then began the continuing of the pacing and others who would enter this house could hear it also. Thus began the quest to find the cause of the pacing noise.

John began to read and question what was occurring and the noise was targeted to discarnate spirit or spirits. Checking the history of the house before the previously deceased person, brought information dating the house in the middle 1700s. Others had lived, loved and died there but the most noisy poltergeist, German for noisy spirit, was the last occupant of the house.

Consulting several clergy, John was dissatisfied by their insistence that he was subject to drugs or alcohol, past or present. He was neither a drinker or used recreational or prescribed drugs. This left him more adamant to seek the truth and become enlightened on the problem at hand. During this same time, his daughter would wake up and scream many nights describing a woman next to her bed. After questioning the television programs and late night snacks prior to retiring, this logical explanation did not seem to fit the case.

By 1977, his library was extensive and still the age old question was unanswered as to the logic behind the pacing, which was still active. During the beginning of 1977, while retiring late one night, John heard his daughter cry out about a woman in her room. As he ran through her doorway, she pointed to the door which opened into the hall. Since the door had a dressing vanity in front of it, and without thinking at this most anxious moment, John ran into the hall, switched on the light and followed foot impressions in the carpeted stairway to the second floor. He was now aware of a real haunting ghost.

John began to attend Spiritualist services and study the spirit return of those who had died, and also brought to the mediums at their services. After attending several churches and many services, John began to study the philosophy of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and take the required courses for various certificates they offered.