Recorded Programs Can Be Found Under The Following 
Thoughts and Sharings. Thoughts and sharing are programs by many speakers on topics of a material and spiritrual nature.

Paranormal Events. Paranormal events are programs which delve into that which some find strange or unexplainable, or as we believe, above our normal understanding.

Interviews. We interview many psychics, mediums, clergy, paranormal investigators as well as authors in the paranormal field. Here you will find such non-bias interviews.

Healing. Healing comes in many forms, spiritual, laying-on-of-hands and many other energy healing forms. Here find out about the healing and those who work with healing.

Electronic Voice Phenomena. Electronic voice phenomena or EVP as it is called, is the capture of voices of those deceased on various electronic equipment such as a tape or digital recorder.

Near Death Experiences. What is a near death experience or an DNE as it is called. How does a clinical death affect the individual and what affects does it have on those around Them. Check out the stories recorded from those who have experienced this phenomena and learn.

Ghosts and Hauntings. What are ghosts, why do they haunt places where they lived or those they knew? Learn more about ghosts and their hauntings from stories and experiences others have had.