Readings and Healing by Appointment

Readings: John cannot guarantee that those you wish will be at your beck and call, but if you do your part and be open to the realm of spirit, you will be more than satisfied with the results. Those who are in the spirit world are also busy learning and growing and setting higher goals for their own spiritual development. Contact with the spirit realm is both easy and natural and guides and loved ones are always willing to help you. They will put their energy and love to that which you are seeking, but they will never make your decisions for you. This is your life, your choices, not theirs!

Healings: Healing is not only the physical body, but are for the mental, emotional as well as the spiritual self. Liken the body to a car whose wheel is out of balance. Only one wheel may be out of balance but the entire car will feel the effects. Therefore it is necessary to heal the entire body, physical, mental,and spiritual

The Laying on of Hands is practiced utilizing the touch of the healer on the shoulders and above. The recipient is required to help the healing flow by letting go of all earthly conditions and allowing the healing force to be unrestricted. During the healing, your guides and loved ones, as well as those who work with the healer, will bring the changes the patient needs. You are required to have a positive mental state to help facilitate the healing process and work with the healer to gain this state of mind.

We do not believe in miracles and understand that disease did not occur spontaneously, but was fed with negative energy. Often people do not let go of past conditions and therefore hamper the healing process. Speaking to the God of your understanding from you heart, without the use of rote prayers, will open the doorway to healing. We are not doctors and do not prescribe or suggest.